How do I get started with MicroStore?

Before you can log in, make sure you have downloaded the MicroStore application to your device.

Here’s how to do it:

App Store (iOS): Access the App Store from your iOS device. Search for “MicroStore” in the search bar, then download and install the application.

Play Store (Android): On Android devices, access the Play Store. Search for “MicroStore” in the search bar, then download and install the application.

Option 1: Login using your mobile number

Select the mobile number option: Choose to connect using your mobile phone number.

Choose the country: Select your country and make sure you choose the correct country code.
Insert your mobile phone number : Enter your mobile phone number. Make sure you confirm the number is correct.
Verification code: Confirm your identity using the verification code you will receive.

You’ve just downloaded the MicroStore application and you’re ready to use it. The first crucial step is to log in to your account.

In this guide, we’ll show you three easy ways to access your MicroStore account: via your mobile phone number, your Facebook account, or using your Apple ID.

Option 2 : Connect 2 with Facebook

Connect to Facebook: If you prefer to use your Facebook account, select this option.

Option 3: Login with your Apple ID.
Select the Apple ID: If you have an Apple account, choose this option.
Enter your Apple ID and Password: Enter your Apple identification details to access your MicroStore account.

🎉 Congratulations ! You are now connected to MicroStore and ready to connect to the best clothing wholesalers. Don’t hesitate to repeat these steps each time you want to access your account.

Follow these simple steps to order from wholesalers easily.

Step 1: Product selection

  • Browse products: Launch the MicroStore application and browse the range of products available.
  • Choose your product : Select the product you want to order. A dress or trousers, for example.

Step 2: Add to basket

  • Quantity desired : Once you have chosen the product, add the desired quantity. You can increase, decrease or simply type in the quantity.
  • Go back : If necessary, you can go back to select other products.

Step 3: Order confirmation

  • Accessing the basket : Customers can access their basket at any time, either at the bottom or the top of the screen.
  • Add items: Add more items if necessary and adjust quantities.
  • Confirming your order : Once you have completed your selection, confirm your order.

Step 4: Additional information

  • Delivery address : You must supply the delivery address.
  • Billing information: Enter your billing information.
  • Delivery method: Choose your preferred delivery method (home delivery, for example).
  • Transport costs: Transport costs will be calculated and displayed once the order has been confirmed.

Step 5: Order confirmation

  • Final confirmation: The customer receives a summary of their order, including transport costs.
  • Final confirmation : After checking all the information, the customer confirms the order.

That’s all! In just a few simple steps, you can browse, select and order your favourite products via the MicroStore application. Enjoy a smooth and convenient experience. Don’t hesitate to repeat these steps for all your future orders with your favourite wholesalers.