How do I find suppliers by using the MicroStore application?

Would you like to expand your network of clothing suppliers with the MicroStore application?

In this process, we will show you how to extend your network of wholesale suppliers from your MicroStore account. Follow these steps to add new partners and diversify your supply options.

Step 1: Access the supplier management page

  • Open the application: Launch the MicroStore application on your device.
  • Options menu: Look for the three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen. Click on it to open the menu.
  • Change Warehouse: Select “Change Warehouse” to access the supplier management page.

Step 2: Add a new supplier

  • Click on the Plus button: At the top right of the page, locate the “Plus” icon and click on it to add a new supplier.
  • Adding options: You have several options to add suppliers:
    • Qualified wholesaler : Select this option to add qualified wholesalers who are already present on the platform.
    • Invite your suppliers:Invite your suppliers to register on the MicroStore platform using their e-mail address.
    • Scan QR Code: Use this option to add a supplier by scanning its QR code.
    • Add by MicroStore ID: Enter the MicroStore ID of the supplier you wish to add.

🤩 Practical tips :

Add a variety of clothing suppliers to diversify your product range and optimise your sourcing opportunities.

By following these steps, you can expand your network of clothing suppliers on the MicroStore application, giving you access to a wider variety of products and strengthening your business relationships.

To access MicroStore’s IDs: Two simple methods

Method 1: Ask your wholesalers

  • Direct communication: Get in direct contact with your current wholesalers and ask them to provide you with their MicroStore ID.

Method 2: Use our online directory : My Fashion Wholesaler

  • Access the My Fashion Wholesaler’s directory: Visit the My Fashion Wholesaler online directory.
  • Wholesaler’s ID search: Use the directory to find MicroStore IDs from various wholesalers available on the platform.
  • Connect with new suppliers: Use the IDs you obtain to expand your network of suppliers and discover new opportunities.

🤩 Practical tips :

Use the My Fashion Wholesaler‘s directory proactively to find new suppliers that match your needs.